After six years of running the business together, Mike and Deby Maloney decided to go their separate ways, and Deby bought the pub from Mike in 2007. Deby plans on continuing the steady stream of fantastic live music that Maloney's Pub has become known for over the past six years. There are some old favorites that will continue to rock the stage, as well as a few new acts that represent some of the best live music in the Northeast. Open mic sessions run every Thursday night, welcoming musicians from anywhere and everywhere who want to play in Maloney's Pub—The Free Speech Capitol of Hammondsport.

Built originally in the 1870's, the building has been the home of a photo studio, a laundry, and four taverns dating all the way back to Prohibition!

Around the turn of the century, the building was a photography studio of H. M. Benner who was the personal photographer of Glenn Curtiss. After becoming a laundry, the building wasn't to house a tavern until the early thirties; a place called The Auto Inn. Several years later it became Hugh's Grill followed by Wheatie's in '49. In 1975, Frank Wilkinson opened Wilkie's.

In recent years, the structure of Maloney's has undergone a massive and ongoing restoration project without disturbing the history and character that surround you when you enter.

The atmosphere at Maloney's is warm and friendly, evident with the smiles you will see on the faces of the patrons! True to the pub's motto, Maloney's really IS Where Old Friends Meet New!

Hope to see you soon at Maloney's!

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